All prices are inclusive tax.

It is possible to buy an object from the selection on this site or to order a new object. Making a new work might take from 2 weeks up to few months - depends on its size, material and complexity.

For orders, suggestions or questions, please, contact  via  e-mail.

Eastern series. Perfume bottle, 18 cm, hollow with a ball lid. Porcelain cast. Unique patterns, hand painted. Pigments, glaze, transfers, gold luster. >>>

300 €

Tulips. Porcelain, hand sculpted. Unique shapes, 27-35 cm. >>>

225 € - 350 €

White vanity. Porcelain flowers. Hand sculpted. Unique shapes, 30-50 cm. >>>

400 € - 1000 €

Still life. Polyurethane cast objects. Original animal, plant or vegetable shapes. Pigments, mixed media, glass beads. >>>

500 € - 1350 €

City landscape. Porcelain houses and cars. Hand sculpted series. Glaze, hand painted, transfers, gold luster. Unique decors. 5cm, 8cm, 12cm. >>>

240€ - 475 €

Intimate geometry. Whistles with different sounds. Porcelain cast, glazed. 10 cm. >>>

400per couple

Tiles. Glaze painting on ceramic tile. Unique. 30 x 30 cm. >>>

525 €

Mosaics. Glass or ceramic mosaics. Price indication varies from material and size. By order. >>>

Windows and doors installations.  Polyurethane, mixed media, double glass. Price indication varies from size. By order. >>>

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