Anna Volkova lives and works in Amsterdam. Her roots originate in St. Petersburg (Russia), the city of an immense cultural heritage that has greatly influenced the artist. Anna obtained both classical and modern art education, and the combination of the two approaches can be seen in her masterfully executed art works. Volkova is mainly acknowledged for her porcelain and mosaic works, tiles and window installations which can be found in various museums, public spaces and private collections.

Anna has spent years studying and experimenting with different materials. She developed unique methods in porcelain techniques and polyurethane castings, which enable her to create extraordinary works of art.

In 2016 Anna Volkova has founded an Art Center in Amsterdam "Kunst op Zolder" where she also teaches and gives master classes.


Personal / Education:


21-05-1974   Born in Leningrad (Russia)

Russian/Dutch (obtained in 2002).

Resident in the Netherlands since 1998.

2005-2007    Study at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Graduated July 2007

1998 – 2001  Study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Graduated July 2001

1992-1998    Study at the State St-Petersburg Academy of Art and Design. Graduated May 1998


December 2019                       "The Dutch House. The Dreams of Peter the Great" part of the                                                             installation at the museum biennale of the museum design, White Hall                                                 of the Great Peterhof Palace, Russia

April 2018                                “A Story from Jantje/Jantjes Uitzicht”, multimedia installation in the                                                      smallest theatre in the Netherlands, Het Bruggenhuisje, Amsterdam

February 2018                         “Fragile perfection”, solo exposition, Artefice Gallery, St-Petersburg,                                                      Russia

June 2017                                “De Wortels/The Roots” solo exposition, Punt WG, Amsterdam

April-May 2017                         “Tulip project”, Keukenhof, Lisse

November 2014                        “Clay! Klei!” group exhibition, Gemeente Museum, The Hague/Den                                                        Haag

August 2014                            “4 x 4”, group exhibition, State cultural centre, St-Petersburg, Russia                                                    (Manifesta 2014)

November –December 2013        Exhibition “Total Recall”, Punt WG, Amsterdam

March 2013                              “Windows of St-Petersburg”, Stadhuis Apeldoorn

March 2012                              “Collection of Curiosities”, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, Amsterdam

October-November 2011           “Kunst moet rollen”, group exposition at CBKU, Utrecht

March- August 2011                   Exhibition at the Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam

January 2009                           “My Past”, tile floor installation, Dienst Belastingen Gemeente                                                                Amsterdam

December 2008                        “Dierbaar”, group expo, Museum Willem van Haren, Heerenveen

December 2008                        “Views”, group show, Museum Waterland, Purmerend

November 2008                        “Dierbaar”, group expo, SBK Amstelveen

November 2007                         Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, group expo Hamburg, Germany

May-October 2007                    “Pretty Dutch”, group exhibition, Princessehof museum, Leeuwarden

June  2007                                group expo; W139 Basement, Amsterdam

April 2007                                 solo exhibition, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

May 2006                                  KunstVlaai, Amsterdam

May 2005                                  KunstRAI 2005, solo show, Schröder Gallery, Amsterdam

January 2005                            “In Tijdelijk Gebruik, museale kunst en cultureel erfgoed in de                                                              Hoftoren”, Ministry of Education, Culture & Sciences.

June 2004                                 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, groupexpo, Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

May 2004                                  KunstRAI 2004, group exhibition, Amsterdam

May 2003                                  KunstRAI 2003,solo show, Amsterdam

June – September 2002             “My Past”, tile installation, solo exhibition at the Мuseum                                                                      Princessehof, Leeuwarden





February 2017                         Commision for Keukenhof, porcelain tulips


December 2015                       Commission for the Major of Amsterdam – exclusive objects for the                                                      Europian Committee

September 2013                      Commission for RIBW (De Regionale Instelling voor Beschermd                                                            Wonen), Overijssel; designing 3 artworks in mosaics for three                                                              locations, workshops in mosaics with clients and employees from                                                        RIBW – participation in the project

September-January 2011          Commission for ZLTO (Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie), Den                                                Bosch; designing a 60m2 water pond, mosaics (in cooperation with                                                      MOSA factory)

February 2009                         Designing a baptismal font and a chapel mosaics for the Russian                                                          Orthodox Church, Amsterdam

March 2008                             Designing a new series for Gemovers Factory, Nieuwkoop

February 2008                         Commission for MN Services, Rijswijk

November 2007                       Designing an award for One Minute Video Festival, Amsterdam

January-March 2004                 Commission for the FMO bank, The Hague

July 2003                                “The Hand”, floor mosaic for the entrance of the Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam

May 2000 (2002)                     “Klaagmuur/The Weeping Wall”, project with Amnesty International for                                                 Colombia (Trujillo) in collaboration with an architect



December 2016                        De Sociale Helden, project grant, Gemeente Amsterdam West

October 2013                           Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, project grant

November 2013                        Vermeulen Braukman Stichting, project grant

May 2008                                 Basissubsidie, Fonds BKVB

May 2003                                 Public prize, KunstRAI

September 2001                       Winner of the Shell Young Art Award 2001

November 2000                        Prize in the photo competition for the Siemens Art Calendar 2001

Work in collection:

Museum Het Princessehof, Leeuwarden

Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany

De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

AMC hospital, Amsterdam

ZLTO, s’Hetogenbosch

FMO Bank, The Hague

MN Services, Rijswijk

ArtPartner, Amsterdam

Private collections

Art committee:


February 2016                         member of the board of an art project space Punt WG, Amsterdam

December 2016                       voorzitter Stichting/Foundation/ Groeien met de Kunst


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